Hydro Plane Toy - Ruffwear - Outdoor Dogs
Hydro Plane Toy - Ruffwear - Outdoor Dogs


Hydro Plane Toy

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This soft, floating disc is built for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water and snow. Gentle on dogs’ mouths and oversized for easy pick-up, the Hydro Plane is great for everything from training to a game of tug-o-war. Lightweight, pontoon-like construction allows the Hydro Plane to float high atop water and snow for easy visibility and retrieval in any season.

Buoyant foam disc floats on top of the water and snow for increased visibility

Gentle on dog’s mouth and maintains shape

Oversized for easy pick up and visibility

Abrasion-resistant materials for increased durability

Hand wash

Mild detergent

Air dry